Thursday, June 4, 2009

Motivation Board

Recently, I got one of those cork boards that hang on the wall from Office Max. I thought to myself, what do I really want right now? What do I want in ten years? What do I want in my life?? And so over the next few hours I kept coming back to that, and wrote all those desires down. Then I found pictures of them, printed them out, and posted them on the board. I then hanged it up on the wall behind my computer. As of now, I have a check written to myself for $25,000, a Lancer Evolution X, a house by the beach, and a nice, modern kitchen on my board. I am continually adding as time passes. Now every time I look up, I have inspiration to study, do homework, get a job, whatever. A few minutes ago, I realized, I'm writing about women, why not include beautiful women on the board?!!? So, what I want you to do is go out and by a board, and cover it with beautiful women... and cars, and whatnot. That way when you need motivation you can look up at the hot women you have on you wall. Ha!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Using Kino (Touching) To Escalate Attraction

Kino is probably the most important method for escalation. In my opinion, kino should be actualized within 10 minutes of meeting a woman. It sends a signal of "this guy is serious, yet cheeky, and he's not afraid of me!" by 10 minutes of meeting her, she has almost figured out your "personality fingerprint" so to say... the impression that you leave. Cocky comedy and teasing only cover a few things, such as cheekyness and cockyness, but it's important to make sure she understands you are a real genuine dude with some kino.

Correct kino:
Just kidding, there's no correct way to do kino. Its mostly situational and spur of the moment, but there are a few guidelines you should follow:

-Initially, kino should be very brief. Just a tease. You don't wanna overstay your welcome. All you need to do is touch her long enough for her to wonder what you are doing, and retract at the moment she wants more of it. Later, as y'all get closer, of course, kino can become anything you desire.

-Heres a list of good kino actions, ordered from best done initially, to best done later in the relationship:
1. As you talk to her, touch her lightly on the elbow or arm to get her attention if you need it.
2. Ask for her hand, hold it cupped in you palms, and look at it and stroke the palm with a middle finger for just one second, then let it go and say "Your hand just looks really nice/soft" or something to that extent.
3. Guide her while your walking with your hand on her back, shoulder or upper torso area just for a second and then let go. Don't just do this randomly, do it when you need to "lead" her; when you guiding her to/through a door or stairwell.
4. Slap her ass. For no reason, or make up a reason. You can have a lot of fun with this one, and with the responses you get. But make sure she's sufficiently comfortable.
5. Hold her hand for a few seconds while you are walking, and drop it. Say, "It's too early for this." (I did this to one girl and her response was "You act like a child sometimes." somehow her neg failed to shake me: we ended up making out plenty that night.)
6. Warm up her hands if its cold outside. This will really get things hot. (pun intended)

Don't Be a PUA!

One thing really annoys me: PUA's. What? isn't that what we want to become? Maybe that's what recovering AFC's want to be, but not me, and hopefully not you. What I want to become is a better version of MYSELF. I have no desire to be melted down and poured into a PUA mold. I want to mold myself, into what I want, desire, and need; I want to form myself into my own player, not PUA (I purposely use the word player instead for that reason, because its DIFFERENT). This has to be some of the most important and exclusive advice I can give. Use the Community as a reference, an example, not a lifestyle.

Some other points that go along with this:

-Don't use overused and copied lines. Make up your own. Test 'em, ask other Community members.

-Find your own individual sources of confidence. (Your passions, desires, interests, people etc)

-Don't come off as a PUA. In the last few years, the PUA community has exploded. I'm sure plenty of your friends have heard of it and a few probably use material. If you really want to rock with women, you have to separate yourself from the noobs and keyboard jockies.

-Women know about the PUA community, separate yourself from it. What if the women you were dating found out you were a PUA??

-Focus on having good Inner Game. PUA lines can be detected and figured out. Inner game is elusive, and all-powerful.

Another tip: If a woman accuses you of using a line she heard earlier or at a club, tell her "Damn thats my friend I got to go beat his ass now!" Lol they'll forget about it. Think on your feet.

Another tip too: If she accuses you as being a PUA, accuse her of being a PUA because she's hitting on you.

Field Report:

Today, for lunch, I went to Subway and there was this cute girl workin' the cash register. I said "Hi, how ya doin", "I'm doing fine... thanks!" she said rather happily. I was asked to sign the little screen after I gave her my credit card. I drew a penis and two balls. Ha! She laughed a little, then looked up at me and then started laughing like crazy. The guy working the sub line looked over, I just told him she was gettin' a lil' delusional and needed to get off work. Lol. The line was long though so I had to cut the interaction and leave before the people behind me started stoning me. Needless to say, I left a pretty good impression. Tomorrow I'll probably go back and see her again. Wow I love women.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Attract From Afar: Text Message Attraction

Continuing of my last post, here are some good text message game lines and ideas.

(opener) What are you doing, cutie?
(opener) SURPRISE!
(opener) Ciao bella! / Mi amore! / My cheri amore!
(opener) I just made you open your phone for no reason...looks like I got you in check =]
(opener) Hey goof, I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend.
(opener) What sort of trouble are you causing?
(opener) I know my math u+i equals 69
(opener) Girls are gross...
(opener) Hey princess, I Just came back from the aquarium and I saw the cutest fish reminded me of you (this one is great!)
(opener) I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!
(opener) Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking sexy ass people! You will be safe, I'm just texting to say goodbye
(opener) I miss you and wanna see you, but this dumb security guard won't let me in the zoo. Is there any way you can escape?
(opener) Why'd you have to give your mom my phone number..? She won't quit calling me now..
(opener) Did you know a blue whales tongue weighs as much as an elephant!? That’s ridiculous… Gotta love animal planet during the lunch break…
(for flakes) I just met your twin
(for flakes) I like talking to you and I don't play games. I think we're really good together. Lets try it if not that's cool and I'm glad we met.
(push-pull) Out of all the (first name) (last name)'s I know... I think your my favorite.
(push-pull) You just popped into my head so please stay out of there
(for same night) Sweet dreams, sexy. [name]
(for same night) Hey I hope you got home safe. [name]
(attraction) I don't know who you're boyfriend is...but he's not spanking you enough!
(attraction) I don't think you're ready for this jelly
(attraction) Awww, you're so sweet. You're making me get diabetes.
(attraction) I just don't think we should do this anymore...Sometimes you make me feel like I am just a piece of meat.
(comfort) I was thinking of you...
(comfort) Something about u seems to always make me smile.

"for what?" "what did i do?" "why?"
"i was just thinking of u. congratulations"

Text messaging is a great way to practice game because its indirect and you have time to think about things. My only word of caution: use these carefully and sparingly. There are millions of "PUAs" out there that are using these day and night. Just don't overuse them.

Inviting Her to Have a Good Time THE RIGHT WAY

I found these text message snippets in the depths of cyberspace:

GOOD: Hitting the museum fine art on tues. buzz me if u get in an
artistic mood
GOOD: if u have a lot of energy after work, we’re salsaing and u’d
fit right in.
GOOD: u totally have to meet my friend maria. u two are like
sisters separated at birth
BAD: want to come to museum on tues?
BAD: we’re going salsa dancing tonight, want to come?

Can you tell the difference? Notice all the "good" statements are non-threatening; they are simply suggestive. They are just statements, meant to put a good idea out there. The "bad' are questions, however. These questions put her on the spotlight, and request that she make a hasty decision. Not fun.

I really like the first one. It subtly implies that shes not artistic and needs to get in an "artistic mood." It also disqualifies her and as a result, coming to the art museum would qualify her as artistic.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Be Yourself? Or Change to Become A Better Person?

Just be yourself! Those three words have been said way too much! My mom said it, my ex girlfriend said it (way too many times), my Mormon cousin has said it and this old lady on the street has said it. Here's the thing. When you are learning to be a player, you are not trying to be someone else. You are picking up a skill, like calculus, or chemistry, just a skill to put in your knowledge bank. When you are studying law and hoping to become a lawyer, do people tell you to "just be yourself" instead of becoming a lawyer? HELL NO! When you become a lawyer you are training to get access to something you desire, that's why you do it. You want to have money and plenty of it! When you are training to be a player, you are learning how access women more efficiently and effectively; you are not CHANGING YOURSELF!

Here's my belief: No one can really change who they are deep down deep deep down, the only thing you can change is the top layer, the layer that is most exposed to social influences and stresses. The layer that is malleable. If you choose to change your persona, so to speak, overall, you are not changing yourself! You are still whoever you are! This is very fundamental since many guys refuse to change at all because they don't want to hurt the people they love and that love them.

Here's another really important point. If you want to be something different, really really bad, that desire is part of you, part of who you are, and it is part of being yourself! If you want to change enough, that will become you! You desires make you who you are, not what you are right now.

Also, from a metaphysical standpoint, you can never really not "just be yourself" you are you and its pretty fuckin' easy to be someone. Tell them muthafuckas to take it or leave it. Seriously.

Oh, and you know what I love? When people tell you inspirationally, "you can be whatever you want to be..!", and then they say commandingly, "just be yourself!" Irony at its best.

Okay, women want you to be yourself because they don't want someone fake, or who fakes it. So, when you are changing yourself, or learning how the game works, don't get in a relationship, because eventually she will tell you "your not the man I fell in love with! Blah* blah blah." So, make sure you do your changing, then get in a relationship if you choose. So basically, fake it until you make it, then go on your merry way as your new self.

Now, women want a man who is attractive, because, hell, that's what they are attracted to. So how do you be yourself, and be attractive? You have to be both! (No easy task I might add) So change to a more attractive you, then go fuck the prom queen.

*Women tend to talk way too much.


Pursuit. It's what our dad's told us to do when we spotted a beautiful woman. This idea can be taken to the extreme, where a man chases a woman desperately (our dad's told us to do this too). Pursuit is an interesting subject because every player has to find his "sweet spot" level of pursuit. Too much and you are desperate and needy, too little and you are passive, boring and weak. The key is to find the right energy level. Some "naturals" don't need to pursue at all, shit just happens. An AFC usually would (have to) pursue a woman to get any mileage. The key for a playboy developing his skill is to persist. Persistence is the key, not chasing.

Here are a few examples:

Persistence is plowing through the bullshit and getting to the point.

Chasing is beating around the bush, trying to trick her.

Persistence is firmly telling her what you want.

Chasing is sending all the signs of submissive behavior while pursuing her.

Persistence is bluntly giving her the option of being in your company, and allowing her to leave at her choosing.

Chasing is constricting her, telegraphing that she MUST only be with you.

Persistence is approaching with no regrets.

Chasing is hesitating and then clinging on once you think you "have" her.

Persistence is asking her to by a drink for you.

Chasing is asking if you can by a drink for her. (CRINGE)

Persistence is when I asked a girl to come back to my dorm to see my Photoshop artworks. (result: F-close)

Chasing is when I asked a girl out after she refused to have sex with me. (result: nothing lol)

Quite a difference right?

On women who "like the chase".... Some women and some dating advice sites say women just like the chase, (you chasing them). Well, usually this results in a guy getting put in the friend zone and results in nothing. Don't let a girl get you in the "chase" zone, attract her first. The chase zone is the highway to friendzoneville.